Full Time Performing, Arting and Creating!

It’s been a crazy month but going to full-time doing what I love, has been amazing. I have been so incredibly fortunate to work with all the amazing, people, venues and events that I have been able to over the last few months there are a few amazing and unique opportunities that are coming this fall that I can’t wait to share.

One of which will be my first pageant competition! I was notified a few weeks ago that the Drag Queen of the Year competition at Rumor’s will be open to all genders and gender identities; so I’m going for it. I have the distinct pleasure and opportunity to work with one of the most impressive queens in Grand Rapids for this. I’m not letting that pussy out of the bag just yet, but with her help I should make quite an impression.

Where to find me:

Thur. June 27th, Loft 211 - Artsy, Fartsy, Drag and Paint Party
Tues. July 2nd, Rumor's Nightclub - AmCab
Tues. July 16th, Stella's Lounge - Paint with Star Buxom
Sat. July 27th, The Avenue - Dark Arts of Michigan Ambassador Competition
Thur. Aug. 1st, Loft 211 - Artsy, Fartsy, Drag and Paint Party
Sun. Aug. 11th, Rumor's Night Club - Drag Queen of the Year Pageant
Fri. Aug 23rd, The Pyramid Scheme - 1979 Tribute Show
Sat. Aug 24th, The Pyramid Scheme - NSFW Fest

Sara Dhyne