Black Lace & Cupcakes
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In 5th Grade I saw Rocky Horror Picture Show for the first time and when Frank N Furter revealed his face and utter those first “How’d you do? I see you’ve met my...” lines, I wanted to be “dressed just the same.”

I’ve been in love with drag, feminine men, glam rock and queer culture ever since. It took 2 marriages, and a lot of looking around before I found myself and claimed my queer. Within the last year I have come out at Pansexual and gender queer and in these revelations I found the courage to be what I have always wanted to be. And Star Buxom was born.

Star Buxom (Bux for short)- Has finally made her debut and with the help of friends and the local drag queens in Grand Rapids is pushing the boundaries of gender and drag and what it means to be a Diva. Catch Bux at Rumor’s Nightclub on an AmCab night or at an open mic night doing adult story time.